Meet Brightspot: High-Speed, Low-Stress CMS 

We guarantee you haven’t seen a CMS like ours before. How do we know? 

We’ve worked on the legacy and monolithic systems built in the pre-digital dinosaur age. The Adobes and Open Sources of the world. They’re slow, clunky, hard to integrate, impossible to scale, not secure, and the root cause of millions of migraines.  

We created Brightspot to be a different type of platform. To literally be the “bright spot” in your day. 

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you what a new-age, modern CMS looks like. 

What can you possibly see in 30 mins? The power of:  

  • Unified publishing experience to any device
  • Built-in video and federated search  
  • Native digital asset management  
  • Front-end freedom of choice  
  • Pre-built backend with standard components  
  • The richest of rich text editors  
  • Cloud automation  

Schedule Your Brightspot Demo

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